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The protection of the environment is crucial for the preservation of biodiversity, the integrity of ecosystems and ultimately also for human health and quality of life. Protected goods are the resources and values that need to be protected in order to preserve and improve the environment: Biodiversity, clean air and water, intact ecosystems, crops, landscapes, climate and soil.

The state’s environmental policy largely determines the legal regulations and corresponding measures to preserve and improve the environment.

Environmentally oriented management refers to a strategic approach to the organisation and management of companies or institutions that aims to minimise environmental impacts and maximise resource efficiency in the long term.

Environmental engineering encompasses a variety of disciplines, technologies and processes for exhaust air purification, wastewater treatment and waste treatment that aim to reduce environmental pollution, minimise environmental impact and improve environmental quality.

Customised consulting and engineering services for environmental technology and environmental management.  


Environmental technologies

– Exhaust air, sewage water, waste

– Technology consulting

– Environmental analysis

– Planning studies

– Plant concepts

– Procurement

– Construction supervision

– Documentation



– Material flow analyses

– Life cycle assessment

– Environmental compliance

– Environmental management systems

– Documentation

– Auditing

– Certification (ISO 14001)