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73 % of residential buildings were built before 1990. An increased need for refurbishment of the existing building stock is to be expected in the coming years for maintenance reasons alone. Added to this are changes in utilisation and market conditions, technological change and legal requirements for construction and operation.

The cost pressure on property ownership has also increased (ancillary costs, ancillary acquisition costs), with mere administration giving way to the necessary management in terms of value retention and efficiency.

From an investment perspective and particularly with regard to the changed resource markets (skilled workers), specialist knowledge and high quality are required in the execution of maintenance and modernisation measures. This applies in particular to energy-related measures, dealing with contaminated sites and pollutants as well as reinforced concrete refurbishments based on existing regulations and standards.

It is therefore advisable to involve a loyal competence partner and technical project manager.


Customised consulting and engineering services for high-quality, efficient planning and construction, cost-conscious and flexible.




– Building investigations and material analyses

– Solution-orientated technology consulting

– Evaluation of regulations and regulatory law

   and technical requirements (standards)

– Screening of specialised companies

– Contract award and invoicing

– Construction management and supervision

– Success control and documentation